The Benefits of Modern Window Tint for Cars

Living in a warm climate like Western Australia has its benefits. The hot summer days on the beach, the barbeques in the back garden with good friends, yet the sun also brings those harmful UV rays that rain down on everything, including the car, and it is refreshing to see that technology is finding solutions to make summer motoring bearable.

Parking outside

For many of us, parking in the daytime hours is a problem. Leave the car in the shade and come back in a couple of hours to find the temperature inside is creeping off the scale! This means waiting for a few minutes, to allow the a/c to bring down the temperature, at least enough to get into the car. Apart from being downright uncomfortable, constant sunlight can destroy car upholstery, as the searing heat is magnified by the glass. With premium quality window film fitted, you can park anywhere, as up to 99% of the UV is deflected by the tint. If you live in Western Australia, and that summer sun is just too much to bear, simply search online for window tint in Perth, and you can say goodbye to the furnace-like conditions of the past.

Added security

Tinted windows hide things, and a car that is parked full of goodies on the back seat is asking to be broken into. With the right tint, the interior cannot easily be seen from the outside, which is an added security bonus. Opportunist car thieves are expert at a quick entry, and ifthey see a laptop or camera, it is worth the effort.

Enhances the driving experience

By reducing glare and sunlight exposure, window tint makes driving safer, and gives the driver a much better vision with daytime driving, and even cuts down that annoying glare when an oncoming vehicle has their full beam headlights going. Window film makes for a better driving experience, as millions of motorists around the world would testify.

Upholstery protection

While it’s nice to look at a car from across the street, it doesn’t compare to sitting inside, and that gorgeous leather interior will soon be faded after a summer or two. The heat that builds up in a parked car that is exposed to the sun can cause dashboards and vinyl upholstery to crack, and premium grade window film prevents up to 99% of the harmful UV rays from penetrating into the car.

Modern Window Tint for Cars

Shatter proof

Another advantage with tinted windows is the glass will not shatter if broken, as the window film holds everything together. Car thieves are aware of this too, and will shy away from a car with tinted windows, unless of course, the door is wide open.

Healthy alternative

The UV rays can cause cancer, and certainly accelerate the ageing process, and with the right window tint, you will be exposed to much less UV, which keeps you looking young and healthy. Hot and cold flushes that come from entering a hot vehicle, which quickly becomes cool, will be a thing of the past will good quality window tint.

For all-round protection for both you and your vehicle, modern window tint provides a cost-effective solution that has added security and safety benefits, making tinted windows a must with today’s global warming.